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Begin meditation and find the peace – beginners guide


Meditation is a practice of mindfulness that has various techniques to make the mind focused on a thought, object, or activity. Naturally, it’s improving your memory.

Meditation has numerous benefits such as

  1. Reduce depression, anxiety.
  2. Help to make you calm and reduce tiredness.
  3. Improve patience.
  4. Improve the ability to focus.
  5. Increase self-awareness.
  6. Improve your brain activity.
  7. Improve your physical health.

Meditation comes in most religions in the Indian subcontinent, mostly in Hinduism and Buddhism.which was used as a practice of enlightenment and self-realization.

A Buddhist monk doing meditation

In the modern world, Meditation is used as a method of making people succeed in their careers and to take health benefits.

Meditation is a thing that can make full benefit by studying its core values.

The core concept of Buddhist Meditation

There are two main ways of Meditation in Buddhism “Samatha” and “vipassana”.

Samatha” refers to Mind-claiming and “Vipassana” is Special-seeing.

Both methods help you to improve your mind to see the truth and the reality of life to end suffering and unsatisfactoriness.

According to Buddhism, our mind is connected to our body to fulfil the desires we have fastened from the outer world.

We have five primary sensors in our body that make five different senses.

Five sensors, Source: World Atlas

Those five sensors are Eye, ear, nose, tongue, and Skin senses vision, hearing, smell, touch, and taste, respectively.

These sensors keep us tied to the outside world and make us a never-ending thirst for the desires created by those senses.

It always makes us unsatisfied when we are not getting those.

Meditation helps everyone who practices it to deal with these sensors in full consciousness and to be happy and free with or without attachments helping to identify the true nature of the reality.

There are many simple ways you can start meditating. Breathing meditation is one of the best ways for a beginner to begin Meditation.

Breathing Meditation

being conscious of your inhaling and exhaling process.

Everyone needs to meditate, but they give up soon because they do not know how to do it in the right way.

Step 01: 

Right place and Right Posture.

To start with breathing meditation, you have to choose a calm place where you can sense your breath.

Posture and position for meditation
Choose a calm place for a good meditation as a beginner

If you can go to a garden, forest or a top of a mountain, that will be supportive and easy to Meditate.

But you can still practice it in your bedroom or any other calm place in your home.

Choosing the time in the morning right after the bed and 20-30 minute before you go to sleep identified as the ideal time for Meditation.

In the start, you can do Meditation 20-30 minutes per day and then improve.

Sit in a posture in which you can breathe well and keep your spine erect.

And send your focus to the nostrils and upper lip where you can feel the air go out and in. 

Step 02: 

Conscious breathing.

Try to know and identify your breath and effect and the nature of it.

Because you are starting Meditation after exposure to outdoor activities, you have to take deep and long breaths at first then you can gradually make it low.

And do the following steps to keep your consciousness on your breath.

Breathing meditation steps
Breathing meditation steps

Only focus on the nostrils, do not try to think about the lungs and other parts in the respiratory system.

  • Identify long breaths as long breaths, be conscious about when you start breathing and sending it out.
  • Identify short breaths as short, and when you took the breath and put it out.
  • Identify the exhaling separately and exhale consciously.
  • Identify the Inhaling separately and Inhale consciously.
  • Breath knowing the happiness and the relaxation you feel.

Try doing this in a cycle one after one.

With continuous doing, you will start to identify the differences between every breath taken in and out.

When you first try this, it will be not easy to concentrate, and your mind will start thinking about many outside things.

And will hear inner voices, memories, and many other distractions, Keep trying, and at one moment you will feel the relaxation.

And all shattered pieces of your mind will start to come under the umbrella to a single place.

You will start to feel more free and lite about yourself.

When your mind relaxes your body automatically relaxes, and you will start to feel feathery, and you will feel happy without any expectation from anything or anyone.

Without expectation, there will be no sadness, depression, or anxiety.

Loving-kindness Meditation – Cultivation of benevolence

This Meditation is one of the purest forms of Meditation you can try in any condition and anywhere.

 Loving-kindness Meditation or spreading benevolence is a practice which you can spread kindness, love and amity to starting from you, your family, friends and society.

There should be any favouritism or any other categorization when you are spreading love and kindness.

Try following steps to practice loving-kindness Meditation.

Step 01.

Choose a comfortable, calm place where you can concentrate on your thoughts; you can do loving-kindness Meditation walking or sitting or in the sleeping position.

Step 02.

Loving-kindness Meditation - Cultivation of benevolence
Loving-kindness – Cultivation of benevolence

Close your eyes and start wishing wellness and happiness for you and every living and non-living being on earth.

Try the following and start reading it in your mind and repeat it until you feel comfortable, free, calm and happy.

“I wish me to have all happiness, kindness, healing, benevolence, amity, love and goodwill and zero sadness.”

“I wish my family all happiness, kindness, healing, benevolence, amity, love and goodwill and zero sadness.”

“I wish my friends to have all happiness, kindness, healing, benevolence, amity, love and goodwill and zero sadness.”

“I wish people I know to have all happiness, kindness, healing, benevolence, amity, love and goodwill and zero sadness.”

“I wish people I don’t know to have all happiness, kindness, healing, benevolence, amity, love and goodwill and zero sadness.”

“I wish all the living beings to have all happiness, kindness, healing, benevolence, amity, love and goodwill and zero sadness.”

This Meditation is a way of positive affirmation which wishes and gain happiness through good thoughts.

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