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Positive affirmation for kids


Affirmation for kids, why it’s important?

Kids are our everything, making them physically and mentally healthy is our primary responsibility, as we do our kids also expose to the competitions and the rat race of the society, which ruins their happiness and creativity.

affirmation for kids helps to improve skills
Positive affirmations helps to improve your kids skills

Positive affirmations help you to take off your kid’s “I can’t” attitude and replace it with a “Yes I can.”

What they see and in their early ages matters because things happen around them make them what they are when they are getting older.

As the primary carer of your kid, you have to be more careful about what around them.

How can I make my kid better with a positive affirmation for kids?

Kids have to build a good social relationship and have to make good grades, to all these things they have to understand their self worth and values.

Kids don’t understand their strengths but we have to understand our kids to put them in the right path.

Positive thinking plays a huge role when making a good child from their born day.

Discuss with kids about positive affirmation
Discuss and build the relationship with your kids

To grow the positive thinking we have to plant the seed of positive affirmation in their early childhood, then we have to water that seed with more and more positive statements that they could understand and absorb quickly.

Positive affirmations for kids should be simple and meaningful, and we have to share positive affirmations with kids in more creative ways.

Ways to teach positive affirmation for kids.


Poems are a great way to communicate with your kid, they love to hear your voice when you sing, and it’s easy for them to remember words in a rhythm.

Before making them read or recite, you have to read these affirmations until they become more familiar to your kids.

Positive affirmation for kids as poems

Here are some positive affirmations you can sing for your kid, start with two or three affirmations at the start, that they can easily understand.

  1. I love you.
  2. I believe in you.
  3. You are essential, you are my everything.
  4. You are beautiful.
  5. You are a good friend.
  6. I am listening to you.
  7. What you did was brave.
  8. I trust you.
  9. You make my heart full.
  10. You mean so much to me.
  11. You can learn, you are talented.
  12. I’m proud of yourself.

These simple affirmations are simple and easy to understand. When they get familiar with these affirmations, you can try for some other way.

Affirmation boards.

You can pick some affirmations and write them on a piece of paper or print them and display them on walls and on other places where your child can easily see.

Create a vision board with affirmations

You can change those boards and the place according to where your child stays.

It doesn’t matter outside or inside, and you can display boards.

Or you can place an inspirational, positive affirmation permanently on your kid’s study room or their bedroom, where they can easily see.

The wall right in front of their bed and the table are the best places to display them.

So that positive affirmation will be the first thing to see in the morning, last thing to understand before bed and you can keep them motivated while they are studying.

Positive affirmation stories for kids.

There are so many inspirational stories you can teach to your kid. Rather than watching cartoons and movies, you can explain the story behind them.

Choose some best inspirational characters, read their life, and take the best parts about it.

  • Failure and win
  • Kindness
  • Patience

And present them to your kid in the simplest way you can tell.

When you are watching movies, there are always heroes who are doing good things and villains who are doing bad things.

Take those characters and tell your kids.

  1. You are loved when you are doing good things.
  2. Be kind to everyone.
  3. Remember to help people as he does.
  4. You have strength than a superhero.
  5. We are proud of you.
  6. You are my hero.
  7. You can be anything you want but choose the right path.
  8. You get love when you do good things.
  9. Believe in yourself.
  10. You are strong.
  11. You can make a difference.
  12. It’s ok, we all make mistakes.
  13. Your efforts are paying off.
  14. That was a great accomplishment.

When you combine stories with telling affirmations, it will be easy for your kid to make visualization, visualization, and imagination is the path to grow your kid’s mindset in their early stages of life.

Create affirmation games.

Kids love to play games. It’s easy to get them involved in sports than any other activity, with games it’s easy to teach them to win and fail both. And how to learn from failures and in the win in the next time using positive affirmations.

I have an experience with my kid that when we used to play “Pictionary,” he was failing to identify the objects I was drawing, he was frustrated and hit the drawing board with his toy bus.

But after I said, you are enough, and you even tried, everyone failed to have learned and won.

I firmly said, “You can,” I repeated it five or six times, he was in tears, and he understood the mistake, and he tried harder to understand and he got all correct.

That was one of my best experiences of how affirmations can work for kids.

Here are some wonderful positive affirmations for your kids that you can use while playing.

  1. I believe in you, and you can do it.
  2. I know you have the talent.
  3. I love watching you play.
  4. You are on the right track.
  5. You are working smart.
  6. That’s a perfect move.
  7. Your choices matter.
  8. That was a right choice.
  9. I see you enjoy trying new things.
  10. That was a great accomplishment.

Benefits of positive affirmations for kids.

Making your kid believe in positive affirmations makes them believe in themself, and will give many other benefits.

  1. Kids will start loving themself.
  2. The bond with family and society will be secure.
  3. Success in their studies.
  4. Success in sports and other activities,
  5. They will love to learn new things.
  6. Your kids will be happy and deal with depression.
  7. Kids can adapt to changes.
  8. They will understand their self-worth.
  9. Help kids to make decisions independently.
  10. Increase their logical abilities.
  11. Help to reduces anxiety.

If you need to start with Words of affirmation for your kids, first understand your kid, try figuring out what they like the most, and use these activities to teach positive affirmations.

The way they live and work will change in front of your eyes.

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